Jakub Gajewski2

February 01-02, 2024

Radisson RED London Heathrow

THE NEXT LEVEL is the perfect mix of experts with networking opportunities and a unique event format

Jakub Gajewski2

February 01-02, 2024

Radisson RED London Heathrow

THE NEXT LEVEL is the perfect mix of experts with networking opportunities and a unique event format

What You get is

Networking Hub

Connect with a robust network of entrepreneurial individuals ready to collaborate, share knowledge, and create lasting connections.

Ambitious Community

Join a community that goes beyond event participation – it’s a gathering of ambitious minds united to elevate each other in business, investments, health, and mindset.

Holistic Success

Whether your goals span business, investments, health, or mindset, our event is tailored to provide the knowledge and connections essential for your multifaceted success journey.

Leadership Development

Find guidance to unlock your leadership potential or receive support to achieve leadership objectives within an empowering community.

Innovative Experience

Embrace creativity and forward-thinking at every turn, ensuring a unique and cutting-edge experience for all attendees.

Exclusive Environment

Be part of an exclusive setting, granting access to rare knowledge and a valuable network, fostering an environment of exclusivity and unparalleled opportunities.


Our organization aims to bring together the entrepreneurial community in the United Kingdom and provide education on business, real estate, investment, and overall development in terms of financial and life intelligence. 

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Event plan


Part 1

Dinner (1.02.)

Step into THE NEXT LEVEL and immerse yourself in an event that fuels your appetite for intellectual discourse and unique insights. Witness and collaborate with visionary leaders to unlock novel prospects for your business, investments, and career. Experience the alchemy curated by economic experts, opening your mind to unprecedented opportunities. Be ready for the transformative journey!


Part 2

The Conference (2.02.)

Gear up for a dynamic entrepreneurial experience ! THE NEXT LEVEL Conference reshapes the business landscape, blending impactful speakers, entertainment, and priceless insights. Fuel your business mind with valuable knowledge, visionary concepts and creative solutions, where innovation and success converge!


Part 3

Business Speed Dating (2.02.)

Experience turbocharged networking at THE NEXT LEVEL ! Our Business Speed Dating is your shortcut to valuable connections. Connect, collaborate, and ignite possibilities in a dynamic setting. All done so smartly and so smoothly! Make sure you have your phone at full battery, because you won’t run out of new contacts to add!


Part 4

The After Party (2.02.)

Unleash the energy at THE NEXT LEVEL After Party, where networking meets celebration! Dive into a vibrant atmosphere, connect with like-minded individuals, and groove to the rhythm of success. Elevate your connections in a fun and dynamic setting. Make sure you join us for an unforgettable night of networking and celebration!

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Ranjan Bhattacharya

Ranjan is a successful real-estate entrepreneur, property mentor, author, property YouTuber and TV personality. Ranjan has been investing in and developing residential and commercial property for 30 years.


Ranjan is one of the most accomplished and respected real estate entrepreneurs in the UK. Over the last 30 years, he has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property. Through Ranjan’s numerous property companies, he specialises in re-purposing commercial buildings to create optimal cash flow for long-term rental.


Ranjan is highly regarded for his commercial property expertise and is the UK’s leading provider of commercial real estate training & mentoring for property entrepreneurs.

Agnes Khan

Meet an extraordinary individual who wears many hats: a teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, property investor, and founder of 5 Flavours of Health. Since 2017, she has been sharing her knowledge and wisdom with people across Europe, Asia, the UK, Canada, and beyond.


Her mission is to empower the general public by teaching them how to activate their inner power, make better decisions in both personal and professional life, and consciously improve their overall well-being. She draws inspiration from ancient wisdom, universal laws, and the principles of 5 Flavours of Health.


As an educator and international lecturer, she has become a trusted source of guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking personal growth and success. Her teachings resonate with diverse audiences and continue to positively impact lives, making her a beacon of positive change in the world.

Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi, a financially independent property investor with over two decades of experience, began his investment journey as a recent graduate in debt back in 1995. He devised a strategy to buy his first property without using any of his own money, covering mortgage payments by renting out spare rooms and essentially living rent-free. This passion for property investment led to his financial independence by age 32, thanks to the passive income from his property portfolio.


Simon’s early interest in magic culminated in professional performances starting at age 13 and later becoming a member of the renowned Magic Circle in his early 20s. He draws parallels between property investment and magic, emphasizing that once you understand the secrets, what once seemed impossible becomes achievable through practice and skill.


Today, Simon dedicates his time to educating and assisting other investors by sharing his hands-on experience as a successful investor. He is a unique property investor in the UK who is also a member of the Professional Speakers Association, regularly invited to share his residential property investment strategies at prominent property exhibitions and entrepreneurial business conferences worldwide.

Immanuel Ezekiel

Immanuel Ezekiel is an internationally renowned speaker and award-winning expert in Property Development, Mortgages, and Wealth Creation with 25+ years of experience in London and beyond. He manages a diverse property portfolio of 100+ properties across multiple locations.


Immanuel’s extensive experience, spanning two property cycles, highlights the significance of profit margins and the need for at least two exit strategies in successful projects. He is a highly sought-after speaker in the fields of Property Investment and Wealth Creation, known for his innovative problem-solving skills and approachability.


As a co-owner of Broadwing Homes, a boutique developer specializing in luxury affordable homes, Immanuel oversees diverse projects, including single dwellings, apartment blocks, houses, and nursing home conversions. Broadwing Homes collaborates with High Net Worth clients through both debt (Loan Note) and equity (Joint Venture/Partnership) arrangements.

Malkit Purewal

Malkit Purewal, an experienced property developer/investor, has been in the industry for over two decades. Beginning with his first property purchase at an auction in 2000, Malkit’s background in IT and corporate experience have been instrumental in efficiently managing the Savoys portfolio.


He holds a BSc (Hons) in Management and an MSc in Computer Science. Starting as a Computer Programmer in 2000, he later transitioned to the Commodity trading sector as a Gas Analyst Developer in 2009. In 2017, Malkit shifted his focus from Commodity Trading to his property development and lettings business.


Malkit has a deep passion for property, having engaged in various aspects such as buy-to-lets, renovations, conversions, and new builds. His current endeavors center on commercial-to-residential conversions and bespoke HMO conversions.

Dee Ludlow

Dee Ludlow, a co-founder of 5D Capital, has achieved remarkable success in the business world, overseeing nine strategic acquisitions in just two years and amassing a substantial fund exceeding £52 million. His expertise extends to start-up entrepreneurship, property investment, and the complex realm of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In the M&A field, Dee is recognized as an authority, leveraging his deep understanding of business operations, valuation, and strategic decision-making. This expertise has significantly contributed to 5D Capital’s rapid ascent in the industry.

Furthermore, Dee is a multifaceted figure who extends his influence through the “5am Podcast,” where he shares valuable insights, strategies, and inspiring stories from the business and entrepreneurship sphere. His contributions make him a prominent and impactful presence in the business landscape.

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THE NEXT LEVEL stands out for its curated blend of expert speakers, exclusive networking opportunities, and a unique format that fosters genuine connections and knowledge exchange.

Attendees gain valuable insights from industry leaders, access to an exclusive network of entrepreneurs, and the chance to explore new opportunities for business growth, investment, and personal development.

THE NEXT LEVEL covers a diverse range of topics including real estate, investments, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Our speakers share practical knowledge and strategies applicable across various industries.

We provide structured networking sessions, business speed dating, and a VIP dinner, creating an environment where attendees can connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals.

Absolutely! THE NEXT LEVEL welcomes individuals at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, you'll find valuable insights, inspiration, and opportunities for growth.

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