Jakub Gajewski2

June 20-21, 2024

Radisson RED London Heathrow

THE NEXT LEVEL is the perfect mix of experts with networking opportunities and a unique event format

Jakub Gajewski2

June 20-21, 2024

Radisson RED London Heathrow

THE NEXT LEVEL is the perfect mix of experts with networking opportunities and a unique event format

What You get is

Networking Hub

Connect with a robust network of entrepreneurial individuals ready to collaborate, share knowledge, and create lasting connections.

Ambitious Community

Join a community that goes beyond event participation – it’s a gathering of ambitious minds united to elevate each other in business, investments, health, and mindset.

Holistic Success

Whether your goals span business, investments, health, or mindset, our event is tailored to provide the knowledge and connections essential for your multifaceted success journey.

Leadership Development

Find guidance to unlock your leadership potential or receive support to achieve leadership objectives within an empowering community.

Innovative Experience

Embrace creativity and forward-thinking at every turn, ensuring a unique and cutting-edge experience for all attendees.

Exclusive Environment

Be part of an exclusive setting, granting access to rare knowledge and a valuable network, fostering an environment of exclusivity and unparalleled opportunities.


Our organization aims to bring together the entrepreneurial community in the United Kingdom and provide education on business, real estate, investment, and overall development in terms of financial and life intelligence. 

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Event plan


Part 1


Step into THE NEXT LEVEL and immerse yourself in an event that fuels your appetite for intellectual discourse and unique insights. Witness and collaborate with visionary leaders to unlock novel prospects for your business, investments, and career. Experience the alchemy curated by economic experts, opening your mind to unprecedented opportunities. Be ready for the transformative journey!

conference TNL

Part 2

The Conference

Gear up for a dynamic entrepreneurial experience ! THE NEXT LEVEL Conference reshapes the business landscape, blending impactful speakers, entertainment, and priceless insights. Fuel your business mind with valuable knowledge, visionary concepts and creative solutions, where innovation and success converge!


Part 3

Business Speed Dating

Experience turbocharged networking at THE NEXT LEVEL ! Our Business Speed Dating is your shortcut to valuable connections. Connect, collaborate, and ignite possibilities in a dynamic setting. All done so smartly and so smoothly! Make sure you have your phone at full battery, because you won’t run out of new contacts to add!

evening networking TNL

Part 4

Evening Networking

Unleash the energy of THE NEXT LEVEL Evening Networking, to celebrate new connections! Dive into a vibrant atmosphere, connect more with like-minded individuals, and groove to the rhythm of success. Elevate your connections in a fun and dynamic setting. Make sure you join us for an unforgettable night of meaningful conversations and celebration!

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Immanuel Ezekiel

Immanuel Ezekiel is a renowned property developer and investor with over 25 years of experience in the London property market. His portfolio reflects a wide geographical spread, including notable areas like St Albans and Greenwich, showcasing his skill in identifying profitable opportunities. Ezekiel’s strategic emphasis on proper profit margins and having at least two exit strategies per project highlights his pragmatic approach to ensuring venture success.


Aside from his property ventures, Ezekiel has significantly impacted the finance sector, particularly through his mortgage business which grew to include 50 brokers and 100 staff. His work extends into mentorship, leveraging his NLP Master Practitioner status to offer training in property investment. His publication, “6 Steps to Financial Freedom,” positions him as a thought leader in wealth creation, providing practical advice for financial independence.


Ezekiel also shines as an international speaker and an award-winning wealth creation specialist. His role in Broadwing Homes exemplifies his commitment to delivering luxury yet affordable housing, demonstrating a keen blend of quality and innovation. His talks on property investment and wealth generation reflect his desire to share knowledge, characterized by a creative and solution-focused mindset. Ezekiel’s dynamic approach to investment, accommodating both debt and equity partnerships, underscores his efforts to drive growth within the property sector.

Abigail Clarke

The founder behind Eventus Agency, Mentorship, and The New Era Podcast has become a pivotal figure in digital marketing, known for her expertise in enhancing brands and guiding entrepreneurs. Her successful ventures span across platforms like Eventus Agency and Eventus Mentorship, where she focuses on social media strategies and B2B marketing, showcasing her ability to boost business growth and brand visibility.


Her role as a business owner goes beyond just generating profits; she is committed to empowering others in the digital marketing sphere. By emphasizing strategies for client acquisition and social media monetization, she helps convert social media influence into real financial gains, offering mentorship based on her vast experience and insights.


With over a decade of experience in the field, starting her entrepreneurial journey at just 14, she has established herself as a key influencer in social media marketing. Offering strategies that cover paid advertising to creative content, her agency supports a wide range of clients, from small startups to large corporations, in achieving their social media objectives effectively.

Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton, an enterprising figure in the UK property market, hails from Smethwick and has spent a considerable part of his life in Willenhall before making his mark as a property developer based in Colmore Row, Birmingham. As the CEO of The Property Circle, Hamilton has established himself as a visionary, aiming to transform the property development scene with innovative approaches that blend real estate investment with community development and societal benefits.

Expanding his entrepreneurial pursuits, Hamilton also leads Eleven Luxury Estates, focusing on the luxury real estate market. This venture highlights his versatility and ambition, catering to a niche segment with high-end buying and selling services. His innovative streak is further demonstrated through the launch of Team E13ven Sports Division, merging his passion for sports with property development, showcasing his ability to create unique cross-industry synergies.

Hamilton’s commitment to social responsibility shines through his plan to invest £10 million in property projects to assist the younger generation, reflecting his dedication not just to business success but to making a tangible impact on society. With a keen eye for innovation and a heart for community development, Steven Hamilton is redefining the contours of the UK property market, blending business acumen with social impact.

Adriana Cafasso

Adriana, a dynamic property investor and deal sourcer from the North East of the UK, excels in the real estate market with a focus on BRR (Buy, Refurbish, Refinance), FLIP projects, and conversions. As the director of AC Property Sourcing, she leverages her expertise to create high cash-flowing assets, working closely with both remote investors and local enthusiasts. Her company’s success is attributed to a dedicated team that turns visions into reality, offering comprehensive services to optimize property investments.


Her proactive approach to business growth involves extensive networking and knowledge-sharing within the property investment community. By attending events, participating in Mastermind calls, and utilizing social media, Adriana has built a strong business foundation. She emphasizes the importance of quality service and competitive offerings, ensuring that the properties and deals she presents are of the highest standard. This commitment to excellence has contributed to her significant income from deal selling and renting out serviced accommodation, highlighting her multifaceted revenue streams.


Adriana’s strategy revolves around offering a full package to investors, including project management, access to a skilled build team, brokers, and architects for seamless investment experiences. Her focus on the BRR strategy appeals to investors looking to reinvest profits from enhanced properties. This comprehensive approach, coupled with her effective use of social media and word-of-mouth referrals, positions Adriana as a key facilitator in connecting investors with lucrative property deals.

Tej Singh

Tej launched his property podcast in 2018, quickly making it a leading resource in the UK with over 900,000 downloads globally. This success, alongside securing significant property and investor funding early in his career, highlights his strategic prowess and influence in the property investment sector.


Before fully venturing into property investment, Tej spent six months gaining industry knowledge and networking, which paved the way for his rapid portfolio growth and successful transition from running a recruitment company. His entrepreneurial skills have significantly contributed to his achievements in property development.


Tej adopts a comprehensive approach to property investment, focusing on market enhancement through innovative projects and design. His ventures into buy-to-sell projects and achievements in setting rental records demonstrate his ambition and commitment to excellence. Through educational initiatives and investment opportunities, Tej aims to inspire others and impact the property market positively.

Davinder Sanghera

Davinder Sanghera has rapidly emerged as a key player in property development, raising over £1million in private finance without an initial investment background. Through strategic networking, she secured the necessary funds from High Net Worth Individuals, leading to the completion of 14 HMO conversions within three years. Her success underscores the importance of persistence and a clear vision in attracting investment.


Her financial strategy for these projects was comprehensive, leveraging various funding sources including Bridging Finance, CrowdFunding, and Private Investment, among others. This approach enabled the efficient execution of her development projects, particularly in converting two-bedroom terraced houses into desirable five-bedroom en-suite rental properties without requiring Planning Permission.


Before entering the property market, Davinder’s career in investment banking across New York City and London provided her with a solid foundation in financial management. Transitioning from banking to property development, she demonstrated an adept ability to navigate investment complexities, moving from self-funded beginnings to managing investments that offered healthy returns to her private investors. Her journey from the corporate world to successful property developer and mentor illustrates a remarkable evolution, inspiring aspiring developers in the industry.

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THE NEXT LEVEL stands out for its curated blend of expert speakers, exclusive networking opportunities, and a unique format that fosters genuine connections and knowledge exchange.

Attendees gain valuable insights from industry leaders, access to an exclusive network of entrepreneurs, and the chance to explore new opportunities for business growth, investment, and personal development.

THE NEXT LEVEL covers a diverse range of topics including real estate, investments, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Our speakers share practical knowledge and strategies applicable across various industries.

We provide structured networking sessions, business speed dating, and a VIP dinner, creating an environment where attendees can connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals.

Absolutely! THE NEXT LEVEL welcomes individuals at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, you'll find valuable insights, inspiration, and opportunities for growth.

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